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"Where to start!?! Shaz is hands down one of the most positive upbeat people I have ever met in my life. Her energy is contagious! She is not only a wonderful friend but she is the most amazing trainer. She truly cares about you and creates a custom plan to support your health goals. Shaz has been my number one supporter and has gone above and beyond not only physically training me in the gym but also continually checking in on me daily to see how I'm doing and showing me love and support in all aspects of my life. I've had quite a few health issues over the last couple of years and have really struggled with inflammation and weight gain and struggling to stay motivated through it all. She listened to my concerns and issues and setup a plan right away. She also put me in touch with the most wonderful naturopathic doctor, Tasreen Alibhai, to help with investigating with some of the internal health concerns I was struggling with and has been the ultimate cherry on top of the experience. She is so invested in her clients and truly cares that you are getting the full 360 degree health experience. Best trainer in the biz!"

- Kellyn Violot

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